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Revive Big Band

Art of Cool Fest Presents

Igmar Thomas’ Revive Big Band

A Journey Through the Legacy of Black Culture 

Feat. Goapele and Dr. Lonnie Smith 

Special Guest MC To Be Announced 

Igmar Thomas and the Revive Big Band are poised to perform A Journey Through The Legacy of Black Culture - a groundbreaking testament to the breadth of African diasporic musical traditions and their impact on American culture.  Fusing jazz, soul, blues, rock and r&b, the band presents a transformative series that peels back the layers of appropriation and the noise of pop culture to translate the roots of black music according to the unifying rhythms at the foundation of the art-form.  Spanning genre and generation the Revive Big Band presents a body of work reflective of their collective reverence of the standard and unabashed sonic freedom. Labeled the “most electrifying young lions in jazz,” Revive Big Band makes music without walls that exists as a living homage to the black musical canon, from Louis Armstrong, and Marvin Gaye to James Brown. Featured special guest artists will join the band in honoring the classic compositions and innovators that have served as the heartbeat of their signature sound.  


My Artists Sessions

Friday, April 28

9:00pm EDT