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Niya Wells

Niya Wells brings vocal range with an ease that makes you believe again in bonafide, raw talent.

Everything about her screams “fresh.” With eyes that welcome curiosity, her presence makes you want to ask questions. Her face is distinctive – with skin and cheek bones that look like the product of a meticulous artist’s design. Her beauty and timeless vocals are partnered with a mystique that no one can quite nail down – Niya isn’t the talkative, bubbly chick you might expect.

And she’s cool with that.

Her voice tells you everything you need to know.Her range is as eclectic as her own taste in melodies. She’s the perfect blend of rhythmic, classic sounds and pop beats that dare you not to dance. She embodies the music – like real artists tend to do.

She’s collaborated with some of the most innovative global artists, including Dutch Soulection signee, Jarreau Vandal, Brooklyn-based duo, Brasstracks, and German Nu disco outfit, Satin Jackets.

Niya appeals to the old heads who still care about lyrical content, while connecting to young bloods who gush over bass beats and danceable hooks.
She’s created her own lane, and you’ll want to get in it. Quickly!

My Artists Sessions

Saturday, April 29

5:30pm EDT